Our philosophy

Callisto Seaside Homes & Suites is a family business that we have been dreaming of for a long time, and that we finally created with utmost care in 2015. Its location is more than a picturesque setting for us; it represents our family’s roots…

Our respect for our land is reflected in the “philosophy” of Callisto Seaside Homes & Suites:

Ecology: The whole complex is designed and constructed in a way that respects the principles of energy saving. The sleeping systems and toiletries are also of high ecological standards.

Health: All the products you will find offered or for sale in Callisto Seaside Homes & Suites come from the region, where small-scale family agriculture flourishes and offers the best of the Messinian land to our guests. We try to make sure that in Callisto Seaside Homes & Suites you enjoy only products of biological agriculture.

Human respect: Callisto Seaside Homes & Suites covers a considerable gap in Greek small- scale tourist accommodation… It offers facilities for visitors with physical disabilities, hoping to welcome everyone to enjoy the region’s beauties, which have been until now very much inaccessible to them.

Harmony: The trees you will relax by in our garden all are part of the land’s original flora… Olive trees, lemon trees, pine trees & vines are already Messinia’s trademark and we aspire to foster our region’s already recognizable assets: sustainable and respectful eco-tourism.


Behind the name

Callistó was a nymph of the ancient Peloponnese, transformed by Zeus into a constellation (Ursa Major) visible from our garden on a clear night. Cállisto is also the superlative form of the adjective “kaló” meaning good or beautiful in ancient Greek.

All our 5 rooms are named after the mythological Nereids, sea nymphs that have always protected sailors in ancient Greek mythology. No names could suit better our Homes & Suites. Lay back by the waterfront and enjoy the starry sky after a day full of discovering the beauties of the Peloponnese…

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