Here below follow some information about the current situation in our area and some useful notes about how we will all together handle this special season, with no stress, but with lots of caring for everyone’s health and well-being!


Situation in Greece

Greece has not been largely affected by COVID-19. It is considered that the health crisis has been managed effectively by the Greek authorities.  In our region, Messinia, recorded cases are less than 10.

International flights are re-opening on July the 1st, though flights from certain countries are already taking place. The 14-day quarantine imposed to international travelers will not be effective as from June. In any case, make sure that you consult your travel agent, regarding flights.

Most restaurants, bars and shops are already open in May 2020, applying specific security measures.

You can consult the following list of Q&A posted by the Ministry of Tourism. Please note that the 14-quarantine mentioned concerns traveling in May 2020.


Callisto Seaside Homes & Suites’ location

Callisto welcomes a maximum of 18 people in a surface of 3300 square meters. Its location, situated over a small remote beach, 4km south of Marathopoli, guarantees privacy and relaxation, away from the crowds. The fishing village of Marathopoli offers a few shops and several food-options at a calming non-crowded environment. Health facilities are easily reachable at Gargalianoi, Kyparissia and Kalamata.



According to the recent health protocols of the Greek Health Ministry, the cleaning personnel will be entering our guests’ rooms only upon request. Sheets and towels, also changeable upon request, are cleaned by a certified external contractor who uses materials as advised by the Greek Health Organization.

Following the Greek Health Ministry’s recommendations, we will remove from your rooms re-usable printed material that can be digitally reproduced and we will minimize the use of cushions and textiles if no essentially needed.


Callisto’s Pool

The Callisto Seaside pool is used exclusively by our guests. Following the relevant protocols, our 120 sq.m. pool can be used by a maximum of 12 people at the same time. The chlorine and Ph levels will be regularly controlled as advised by the WHO. At your checkin, you will be given pool towels that you will be using on the pool chairs to avoid contact with fabrics. For this year, Callisto plans to allocate pool umbrellas and chairs to each rented apartment.


Lounge Bar and other services

The Callisto Seaside Lounge Bar is open between the last week of June and the first week of September. This year, it will operate from 9.00 to 14.00 and from 18.00 to 21.00 on a self-service basis, respecting the health protocols. It will serve: coffee, refreshments, beers, a selection of drinks, wines and cocktails, toast, ice-cream, salty and sweet pies. Breakfast can be served in-room upon request.

This year, Callisto will not be offering bikes to the guests.



It is our legal obligation for this year to foresee at least 4 hours between one guest’s departure and another guest’s arrival. For this check-out will be taking place by 11.00 and check-in after 15.00.

This year, it is recommended that staff does not enter your room, if not necessary. For this reason, you will be receiving useful check-info by e-mail.

We will be there for you anyway if you have any questions

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